Sunday, June 16, 2013

Girls camp lesson

So we headed back up to Girls camp Friday night for the testimony meeting. Before we left I felt I should have my tires checked. Well I ignored it and thought it would be too much of a hassle to take the car in and what if I would need new tires?? I just didn't want to hear that. Well we went to the testimony meeting and to the hotel and then the next morning we drove to the camp to help drive the girls home. Theeeeennnnnn......bad news. My tire was flat. I was so mad at myself. I didn't listen to the prompting and had to pay the price. I didn't get to take any of the girls home and instead caused more problems because the Stake President had to find a donut in some one elses car to put on mine so I could get mine repaired. I also had not replaced my spare on the back of my car. I put it off. Dumb me. I've learned my lesson. Never ignore a prompting. Even when it seems inconvenient.