Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Day

We spent Christmas morning with our other family, the Colas. I made my dads famous biscuits and gravy and Amber made a yummy drink.

 And then it started to snow. Thats right. Snow. Cold yucky snow. The Colas headed home before it got worse. 

 Then I chatted with my family online and guess what my mom got? A sword. The Magic sword. Mom used to make jokes that my brothers wouldn't turn off their video games until they had the magic sword even if the house was on fire. I thought it was hysterical.

 Then she used her sword to open one of her other presents. She already practicing her skills. Way to go Mom.

 The kids loved the snow. They were so excited. I didn't get a picture of Patrick tasting it, Jesús has that picture.
Then we went to Jesús's parents for dinner. I was nervous the whole ride over and back. I got this great picture of the lights in the snow though. It looked so pretty.

 Here's Elena snuggling on baby Benjamin. So sweet.

 I made Jesús take a picture with me as and end to our 2012 Christmas.

 The next morning we woke up and the snow had stuck. I stayed inside. Until Patrick begged me to go outside with him so I did. It lingered for about two days then finally melted.

 I forgot to get pictures of the kids on Christmas morning so I got one the morning after. Its impossible to get pictures of them smiling together.

 The best one


Carla said...

Best post ever! Snow on Christmas, the Cola's, and your mom with a sword.