Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas

So we are getting ready for Christmas. I have absolutely loved decorating the house for the Holidays. Way better than an apartment. Especially because my decoration collection is growing. Here is my mantel.

 We took the kids to Lowes to find a gift for Grandma and Grandpa and they had real Christmas trees. I'm kind of sad they have never had the opportunity to go Christmas tree shopping. That was one of my favorite things as a kid. Running through the trees in the dark, smelling the pine needles, warming up by the fire and getting free candy canes from the salesman.......So I had the kids smell the trees. Thats about as close as they were getting to my experience this year. Maybe I can convince Jesús next year. I really hope so.

 They said they smelled good, that made me happy.

 My laurels and I made christmas ornaments for an activity and I love them! I actually want to make a bunch for next year. I have plans.

 And check out the cute banner Mom made me!!! I love it. She has been sending me banners for every holiday and seriously they are my favorite things.