Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Grandmas quilt

Several years ago, before I was married, I inherited my grandmas quilt. Whenever I used to go visit my grandparents I would always ask to use the same quilt. It was my favorite. One year while visiting, my grandma told me that I should just take it. She didn't know of anyone else in the family that used it as much as I did and it usually sat in a closet. I was so happy to have it. I have loved it and knowing it was passed down to me made me very attached to it. This last summer I took it to a friends party and left it outside. I'm not sure why that was the blanket I chose to bring but I did. That night when their dogs were let out, they tore it to pieces. I felt so awful. I regretted even going to the party because I had made such a stupid decision. I cried for several days. For Christmas I got a package from Sara in the mail. In it was a quilt that looked similar to the one I lost. The card said "A red blanket for you to enjoy to replace the one used as a chew toy. This can remind you of Grandmother too For it was all sewn with love just for you on the the old Bernina of Grandmother Joy" She also took a picture of Grandmas sewing machine and sent that too. I love this quilt because it reminds me of Grandma Joy and now of my sweet sister.


WhitneyJoy said...

That is so sweet! Good work, Sara!