Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Driving to Texas

We left for Texas on December 6th. We packed up everything and slept downstairs of our apartment together. My Mom and Stephanie came the next morning with Hannah and Caleb to help us make sure we had everything and clean the rest of the apartment. We said goodbye them and went on our way. It was really difficult to say goodbye and I cried for quite awhile after we drove away.
We drove to flagstaff the first night. This was my view for 3 days straight.
I got nervous as we got closer to flagstaff because I started to see snow on the side of the road and the temperature started dropping. We got to flagstaff and ate dinner at Cracker Barrel then we checked into our hotel. When we got up the next morning, this is what we got to drive through. The roads were clean but there was snow everywhere else. It was painfully cold. Here is what we got to drive through the second day.
Patrick got to ride in the truck with Dad and Elena was with me. After the first night she started to get a bad cold and was throwing up from coughing. She was pretty miserable.
I kept her pretty busy with naps and movies and she loved the book Grandma made for her about traveling to Texas. She colored and stuck stickers everywhere. She also loved Judy's (who worked in Jesus' office) bag of tricks that she put together for both kids. I'm grateful for loving family and friends.
The second night we stayed in Amarillo. That was the hardest night for both of us I think. It was a longer drive. It was a little snowy there too. The last day we drove into Dallas, or the Colony. We stayed at Jesus' parents house so we could move into our apartment the next morning. It was a long hard trip but we made it and we love it here so far.