Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Murray Family Farms

Patrick got to have a field trip before Halloween at Murray Family Farms. We have never been so I pulled Elena out of preschool so she could go too. We got a little lost on the way so we missed the hay ride to the Pumpkin patch so Elena and I explored a little. We found the Gord maze which was so cool!! They were actually growing on the vines all around us.

We found some little activities to do while we waited for Patrick to get back
This was the pumpkin Patrick picked in the pumpkin patch
After the hayride
The kids wanted to jump on the giant jumping pillow. It was total chaos! Elena actually got pretty deep into the crowd but we left with no injuries. Patricks teacher Ms. Flanagan said that usually no one gets hurt which is surprising.

Running through the hay maze
I couldn't get him to look at me, he was too excited.
Elena got stuck up on the top of the bug area
Playing in the corn

King of the mountain
Watching the pig races

After Patrick got back on the bus Elena and I went to buy some fresh fruit and take pictures on the Pumpkins. I'm sad we wont be able to have Murray Family Farms so close to us anymore.

Happy Halloween

For Halloween Elena wanted to be a scary witch so I started making her a witch costume and I didn't know how to make sleeves so I called Abby Taylor and ten minutes later she had sleeves attached. Awesome.
We had a fun time at our ward party. Patrick wanted to be Spiderman. Again.

The primary was in charge of the party so I made cupcakes which I loved making and decorating them and now I want to do it all the time.

Pumpkin rice crispies

Grandma had the best idea to make pumpkin rice crispy treats. They were fun and super cute.

Talented friends

Maribel made Elena this adorable headband, so I made her hair all cute for church with it. I love having such amazing talented friends.

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

While Jesús was gone we when to a few birthday parties. One was for Lucy Nichols who turned 5!! She had face painting which was probably the highlight of the night. Lucy got Justin Beiber painted on her forehead.
I painted a spiderman on Patricks face
And Jennifer painted a Hello Kitty on Elena. Who knew face painting could make kids so happy.

When Dads away, we crash into poles

Jesús went to Texas to interview for a few jobs and look for places to live. He was gone for General conference weekend so we got to spend some time with the Cory Randalls and Patrick got to go to the park with Cory and Caleb. He was running and slipped on the sand and ran right into a pole. I took him to urgent care to make sure he was going to be ok and they did an x-ray of his head and there was no crack to his skull. It looked so horrible when I saw him I was speechless. He was very serious trying to make me feel better. I love this sweet boy even when he looks like some one on Star trek.

Preschool days

This year I wasn't sure if I was going to go to preschool days at the fair because Patrick wasn't able to come since he was in school and since we had already been I didn't see the point. I decided that it would be good for Elena to go with her friends from preschool. Mom came too so it made it even more fun.
The most recent baby cow
Petting the sheep
Juan the Rabbit whisperer
Checking out the stinky pigs

Sarah's smile, SO CUTE!!!!! (sorry Lindsey I should have sent this to you)

Cold swim

Everybody came to visit so we could all go to the fair together. Sara and Ben decided that they needed to go for a swim in the September chill. We all just watched in awe.....or disbelief.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Great Kern County Fair

One thing that always brings my family together is the fair.

Even Ben gets a little crazy.

Checking out the Chickens

"You lookin at me?"
Love the bad hair day rabbit
Cory and Stephanie rode the Ferris Wheel.
Of course the Cinnamon rolls were a must. I hadn't had sugar for 2 weeks at this point and I got a stomach ache from all the sugar. Then we went on the Tilt a Whirl. Fun, and it was worth it.