Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Murray Family Farms

Patrick got to have a field trip before Halloween at Murray Family Farms. We have never been so I pulled Elena out of preschool so she could go too. We got a little lost on the way so we missed the hay ride to the Pumpkin patch so Elena and I explored a little. We found the Gord maze which was so cool!! They were actually growing on the vines all around us.

We found some little activities to do while we waited for Patrick to get back
This was the pumpkin Patrick picked in the pumpkin patch
After the hayride
The kids wanted to jump on the giant jumping pillow. It was total chaos! Elena actually got pretty deep into the crowd but we left with no injuries. Patricks teacher Ms. Flanagan said that usually no one gets hurt which is surprising.

Running through the hay maze
I couldn't get him to look at me, he was too excited.
Elena got stuck up on the top of the bug area
Playing in the corn

King of the mountain
Watching the pig races

After Patrick got back on the bus Elena and I went to buy some fresh fruit and take pictures on the Pumpkins. I'm sad we wont be able to have Murray Family Farms so close to us anymore.