Saturday, November 1, 2008

Was it worth it?

After all my hard work on Patricks costume, I'm not sure it was worth all the trouble. We went to our ward Halloween party last night and I think Patrick had a good time. He kept his costume on all night. I cant say the same for Elena. It was pretty humid so she was getting hot in her fluffy bunny costume. Jesus was pretty warm in his riding jacket and I was hot in my Indiana Jones jacket. I tried to be a motorcycle mama but I realized I dont have any clothes that look like a motorcycle rider. I should get something I guess. Well here are the pictures I got of the party.

Here are pictures of Patrick and Elena after the party, Patrick really wanted some candy before I could get a good picture of him. I had to put Elena's costume back on her and she was only happy for about a minute.

Here is the Jack-o-lantern that Jesus and Patrick carved the night before Halloween. Im pretty impressed with Patricks skills.

Then this morning Patrick woke up and grabbed his basket and said he needed to play in the rain and that he would be right back. I let him play for a few minutes, hopefully he doesnt catch pnuemonia.


Papa Randy said...

That is one cute biker dude. Oh yeah, Patrick is cute too. Elena is growig so fast. Beautiful family. We went shooting this morning, where was Jesus?

Mrs. Schmalison said...

He had to work, he wanted to go though. 30 days then he graduates and no more Saturday work days! Woohoo! Then he can hang out with the boys more.

Johnsons Away said...

Patrick looked so cute, so I would say it was worth the effort :) You all looked so great last night. I'm sure Patrick will be just fine, they all love to play in the rain. I know I do.