Friday, November 21, 2008

Well its time for some pictures. I feel the need write some things about Elena now that she is almost 3 months old and she is starting to develop her little personality. She is a usually a very happy baby. She loves to smile and coo at anyone talking to her. She LOVES her big brother. She watches him as she lays on the couch and he plays in front of her. She smiles at him all the time. She doesnt like to nap by herself during the day. She needs to be held or be napping right next to me in bed. I have a cheat to fix that and I use her swing. Patrick wasnt a big fan of the swing so Im glad that she is putting it to good use. She loves her daddy and probably talks to him the most. She isnt very good at falling asleep by herself at night so she gets really fussy at bed time and it sometimes takes awhile to get her to sleep. She now only gets up one time at night and then she wakes up early in the morning and will go back to sleep until the afternoon. That makes my mornings pretty easy so that I can focus on Patrick and housework. She sleeps in her own bed maybe two nights out the week. I put her in her own bed but she wont stay there very long. I think it will help when we get a bigger place and she will have her own room. I dont sleep very well when she makes noises right next to my bed. At this point Patrick was already in his crib in his own room. Hopefully we will have a house by February so she will be out of our room.
Well here she is during her tummy time, she loves holding her head up and looking around.
We had a reading night the other night and I was able to read a few books to the kids before I lost Patricks attention and Elena got hungry.
Here is Patrick in his winter jammies for the first time this season. He thought it was really funny.
Here is Patrick in a box. He was really funny to watch.

A good picture of Patrick and Elena in their jammies, Jesus got this great picture.
Here are both Jesús and Patrick watching TV and solving a Rubix cube.
Jesús threw me a little surprise party for my Birthday. My Birthday was on the 16th and he was going to be leaving town. He felt pretty bad having to leave so he got the Buntings and Nichols and Randalls to surprise me a few days before my actual Birthday. I guess Dave thought it was a little boring.
Jesús got me my favorite pink champagne cake. It was really good.

My Mom got me a Marie Calendars pie for my actual birthday on Sunday and I got some presents like a gift card to Joanns to buy some fabric or whatever since my new hobby is sewing. I also got some flannel pajama pants that I love and I got a lot of cookie sheets from Jesus and my Mom so I will be returning the one my Mom got me because it is from Williams and Sonoma and I would love to shop in that store. I also got a great little cake that Ann Pitts made for me. It was so stinkin' cute. I didnt get a picture of it with my camera so I will have to get pictures from my moms camera.

My Mom went with us to the park on Monday. It was Elena's first trip to the park and she slept all the way there and all the way home. She wasnt a big fan of the sun in her eyes so she wouldnt lay on the blanket with me.
I need to be taking more pictures of Elena. I feel guilty because I was going through Patricks pictures and I have soooo many of him and I hardly have any of her. That will be my new goal. So hopefully my next post will have more of her. I did however get this cute video of Elena talking to her daddy.


Amy Coontz said...

Love photos!! The kids are so cute.

I am drooling over the champagne cake, please tell me it was from Smith's!! I miss Smith's!!

Dawnelle Anderson said...

You always have the background to your blog so cute. Your little girl is so cute!!

Connie de said...
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Mrs. Schmalison said...

No it was from Albertsons so it wasnt as good but its the thought that counts right? It was still pretty good, but Smiths is my favorite.

Papa Randy said...

Happy sweet 16 birthday Ali. If being cute was against the law, your kids would do some serious time. Fun times.

Carla said...

Happy belated birthday!

PS- Your kids are ADORABLE!!!

Johnsons Away said...

The pictures are so cute. I love the video, there is nothing like a baby talking :)
I'm glad you had a great birthday!!