Monday, September 8, 2008

Papa Randy says it best

Joy in Our Posterity
Our internet is down at our house so I am now having to wait until I can go to my moms house to update our blog. I have started taking some pictures of Elena because I dont want to miss anything. I want capture all of these moments while she is small so that I dont forget anything. I got this picture of Jesus holding both of his beautiful children for the first time, I have yet to do this because Patrick is a little squirmy and it doesnt feel very good on my incision.

Here is gorgeous Elena, I feel like I need to change her outfit every hour just so I can get everything on her before she grows out of it. I also really enjoy dressing her up in bows and cute little dresses.
I cant neglect Patrick, becoming a big brother has been a little difficult on him and he doesnt really understand why I cant pick him up and hug him whenever he wants. He did hold Elena for the first time last night. It was very sweet but I didnt get a picture. I was afraid he was going to push her off his lap when I turned to get the camera. He has said I wanna hold her then he holds his hands out and says give her to me, then he chickens out.
I got this one of her pretty eyes open. I love when she's awake.

We had our good friends come visit and see Elena and Tyler was a professional at holding her I think he is ready for his son to get here. Katy and Lindsey we should have a got a picture of the three of us as the train of pregnancies.


The Carlson's said...

She is absolutely adorable! I know what you mean, I feel like Annie is growing up waaaaaaaay too fast! I was gonna tell you that Annie is having her Birthday party on the 27th. I know you guys are really busy right now, and you probably are not feeling up to it just yet...but I wanted to still invite you guys. We will have a bounce house for the kiddies! Let me know you address and I will send you guys an invite either way!

Carla said...

Alison, she is GORGEOUS! Seriously, you know how some babies are not but people tell you they are? She REALLY is!! And I got to help in nursery on Sunday, Patrick is the sweetest, most well mannered kid EVER! My M-I-L always tell me he is but I got to see it firsthand and she was not exaggerating.

Johnsons Away said...

She has the most beautiful eyes and Carla is right, she is just adorable. Her head even looks perfect. I hope you feel better soon and can get those family pictures for all to see. You are such an attractive family and all so photogenic (?)I can't wait to see you and Elena :)

Sarfer said...

I feel sick I'm missing small-baby time. I NEED to hold her NOW!

The Potter Pack said...

What a cute family !! Congrats !!