Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 Men and a Snake

Anyone who is a lover of animals, do not read the following.
As Jesus was coming out our back door to help us out of the car, this is what he encountered. Yes thats a rattlesnake. So he went back inside and called me and told me to stay in the car while he called animal control. He then came out the front door and got us out of the car.

So he was told by animal control that they dont take care of that, but they know of a group of people that will take care of it for 250 dollars. So we said no thank you and Jesus called his friends Dave Bunting, Oscar Delgado and Mike McGee. And between the 4 of them this is what happened to the snake.

Jesus was just nervous about anyone getting bit so he felt the snake needed to die. So they chopped its head off.
These are pictures I got of Elena and Patrick that I thought were pretty cute.


Papa Randy said...

I am very glad tha everyone is alright. But I do think you may have the makings of a country and western song on your hands and sounds like it might be a hit. “There’s a snake in the yard and it’s a biggin. My wife saw it and she starts to wiggin. I called my posse and you know they were ready, They done kilt that snake with a machete. Oh yeah, They kilt that snake with a machete. I'm telling you,I got the low down snake killing blues” Kinda catchy don’t you think?

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thats awesome!!!

Carla said...

LOL!!!! I was first laughing about the awesome headless snake pics but now I'm cracking up over that lovely song! Papa Randy has a true talent.

Ashley and Nate said...

First of all, eww. Second of all, you're kids are adorable!

Johnsons Away said...

I love the song and I would have had Aaron do the same thing. And those are some really cute pictures of the kids, I just wish the picture of the snake wasn't right above it :)