Sunday, August 17, 2008

Potty time

Ok, my ultimate goal is to potty train Patrick because I am terrified of having to change two kids diapers, mostly because I hate it. It didnt really bother me but I guess after having to do it for two years it kind of gets to you. So I have sort of been putting off the potty training thing because Patrick seems to be terrified of the toilet, but recently I have been asking him more and more about going on the potty to which he always answers no. I even tried a candy bribe and he still said no! What kid turns down candy?? Well, the other night I figured I would put him on the toilet before he got in the tub since he always pees right as I put him in. Well, he went on the potty!!! Yea!! So tonight I tried it again and he went again, but after being in the tub for about 10 or fifteen minutes, he told me that he needed to go on the potty. So I pulled him out and set him down and he went again!!!! I am so excited. I dont know if this will lead to anything but we are on the right track.


Dawnelle Anderson said...

Good luck with potty training. I wish Carley would have a desire to go on the potty