Thursday, August 21, 2008

A little frustrating

Well, we went to the doctor again today, and since my mom is in Utah Jesús came with me to help me with Patrick. My appointment was for 3:30 but when we got there I was told that the doctor was running an hour and a half late, so we could either wait or reschedule. Well since we had dragged Patrick all the way across town for a 30 minute drive I thought why do this again on Monday? So we waited, for 2 hours!!!! By the time we actually saw the doctor I was hoping that I was at least a little more dilated but no, still at a two and 70% effaced. I guess its better than nothing. I have been feeling a little off since she checked me, maybe that did something. Well I have to wait till Mom gets back anyway and the carseat got here today so besides Mom being gone, we are ready to get his thing rolling. Ann Anderson, my birthing coach, should be here on the 26th so maybe the baby is waiting for her.