Sunday, February 3, 2008

My 6 Things...

I was tagged by Shannon so here I go...
1. I love telling people things about myself. I dont know if people know that about me. I dont care if its the most personal things, if someone asks me anything about me I will tell them. I will not tell secrets of others but if it is anything about me I will tell you all the details. I think thats why I was so excited about being tagged.
2. I hate being pregnant. I love having babies or at least one so far but I absolutely hate being pregnant. I am sick for the first trimester and just uncomfortable for the rest of the time. Even when the baby gets hiccups at first it was cute but after awhile it was annoying.
3. I am a messy messy person. I never learned to clean like my mom but I am a stickler about my the clothes in my closet. My clothes are grouped together by and in the order of the colors of the rainbow. If any thing gets misplaced I cant do anything else until it is in the right order.
4. I have always wanted to be photographer. I secretly think that I am really good at taking pictures, especially in black and white. I just went through all of my pictures that I have saved over the years of things that I have taken pictures of, like buildings, streets, plants, and the ocean. I ended up throwing them all away. I realized they are boring and I will never do anything with them.
5. I love to dance. Not like shake my booty a little to a fun tune but like full on dance party boogie until I pass out. If anyone ever wants to have a dance party, let me know cuz I will be there and we will dance the night away.
6. I love speaking in front of people. I love the rush. I like to perform and play the flute for a crowd. I love to sing for people, even though Im not very good. I think its just plain fun.

Wow that was harder than I thought. They probably arent very exciting but...oh well!! I tag Stephanie, Lori, and Sar. Tell all girls!!


jacq said...

don't throw your pictures away!! duh! you should come shake your booty with us.

Amanda said...

WOOO HOOO! Dance party at my place!!!

Spina said...

You crack me up! I didn't know those things about you... interesting!