Tuesday, February 5, 2008

All Moved and Sad News

Well my blog seems a little dull without pictures but our camera broke and we are just waiting until we can fix it. We got all moved on Friday and Saturday my Mom Patrick and I went back over to finish cleaning. We had a nice break when Lori Moncur/Anderson came by with lunch and helped us finish. It was good to catch up with her, especially with every thing that her family is dealing with. Im not sure if you have heard but Stuart has stopped doing chemo treatments because the cancer has moved to his brain and they have given him only a a couple of weeks. Please pray for the Anderson family and send them your love through calls or letters. They could really use our support. I have their address and phone number if you need it. On a more positive note, or kinda, we are very happy with our new place and are very happy to be back in the East Stake. We have missed many of our friends. I do have a video camera so I will post some videos as soon as I get some.


Carla said...

We're excited that you guys are back. Patrick was SO cute in sacrament, all waving at everyone! Jesus had him in the foyer for a few minutes during class time and he was talking on his phone... he's such a great talker.

Samantha said...

Hi Alison, it has been a long time! Your baby is adorable! How your bro and dad? I miss Bakersfield on freezy rainy days like today... Good to hear from you!