Saturday, October 20, 2007

A week of fun

Ok, so I usually just blog for each event or occasion but we really havent had anything that would take up blog space, just a couple of little things that I have some good pictures of. The first is Jesus's Birthday that was on the tenth. We werent able to celebrate very well in Palm springs so we decided we would get everyone together when we got home and I would make him a cake and we would sing to him and everything. So I made him a cake, strawberry, which he loved. I had to decorate it too since that is so much fun. So here is a picture of my fabulous cake I made and decorated.
And then, (this is mostly for Sar) we bought Patrick some Pumas that are so adorable. I normally would never spend more that 10 dollars on a pair of childrens shoes but in this case I feel I had no choice.
Then, this last thursday Jesus had meetings in Pasadena until 9pm, so I decided that I would stay the night at Moms with Stephanie and Caleb for a fun sleepover. We watched transformers and took the boys on a walk and went shopping. It was great. Caleb and Patrick really get along and are good friends so it nice for them to spend some time together. So these are some videos of Patrick and Caleb. There is also one of Grandma Connie teaching Patrick how to kick the autumn leaves, but its a little shaky.