Friday, October 12, 2007

Back from the Desert

Yes!!! We are back......oh, you didnt know we were gone? Well we were, and now we're back. Tuesday we left for Palm Desert (which is like a whole five minutes from Palm Springs). Jesus had a conference for work and since he was going to be gone for his birthday I decided we should go as a family. Its a little more difficult with Patrick now that he is older but we still had a good time. We did a little shopping at the Outlets and we went to the dinner they had thursday night where you can enter to win a trip to Egypt. No we didnt win but we still had a great time. They had this whole Egyptian theme with crazy food and awesome decorations. They even had baboons. They were on leashes so they didnt scratch anyones eyes out but Patrick loved them. They were pretty fun to watch. They had these cool dancers come out and Patrick actually sat still long enough to watch them. The first night there we went to this big hotel that was part of the timeshare that we were staying in. We were told that the dinner there was awesome, so we walked in and as we came down the stairs in the lobby we saw a lot of water and a little boat waiting for us to take us to the restaurant of our choice. Yes this was inside the Hotel!

It was really beautiful and Patrick loved watching the ducks as we went by. He seemed a little nervous They even had Flamingos!!! I didnt get pictures of those though. The other people in the boat were looking at me like I was crazy tourist. When we got outside after dinner, we saw all of these great old cars parked outside for some old car club. Jesus loved walking around and looking at them. We had a great time and have fabulous souvenirs to prove it. Patrick will even show you his new Pumas that he got!!!
Here are more Random Pictures from the trip

Jesus had his 25 birthday on Wednesday the 10th so after shopping, we went to get pizza.
Patrick loved the video games. As you can see below, he cared more about them
than our family picture.

Our room had a jacuzzi so Patrick and I decided to take a dip before bed. I apologize for
this one, Jesus took it.


Tenille Gates said...

looks like youguys had a fun time..little vacations are always nice :0) in fact..i think matt and i are due for one ;0) its good to see that youre doing well..happy late birthday jesus!

jacq said...

i would also like to win a trip to egypt! flamingos???

The Carlson's said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast!! And I really liked the "risky" picture of you and Patrick at the bottom! Woohoo!!