Friday, December 13, 2013

Maybe Texas didn't want us back

When we got back to Dallas we were hit with an Ice Storm. It was our first. It was crazy! The ice was so heavy that it broke off of bunch of huge branches from the tree in our front yard.

 The ice was covering everything. It looked like everything was incased in glass. 

 The kids wanted to go outside but it was so cold we had to bundle them up nice and warm. Unfortunately we don't have gear for snow or ice so we had to make do. Elena was pretty cold by the end of it.

 Jesús tied rope around the kids and we used bucket lids to drag them down the sidewalk. 

 So since everything was just ice, they closed everything and there was no school or church for 4 days. It was fun at first then it started to suck. We were tired of being inside. I cannot tell you how happy I was when things were melted enough for us to go back to our lives. I have never had church cancelled before for any reason so this was a shock for me. As things would melt, the water on the roads would freeze over again in the night so there would just be more ice on the roads. I slid a little taking the kids to school for a few days but then the sun came out and melted everything and I felt all the anxiousness go away. I love the sun. Love it.