Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Sweet baby

I can't believe it. My baby is 5!!! It really doesn't seem like that long ago. 
Except that a lot of the heart ache is gone and instead replaced with joy that I have such a beautiful sweet funny daughter. I love looking at pictures of her when she was small. 

So we had a princess party with some of her church friends. We decided that we won't have parties every year, only on big milestones. Well to me 5 is a milestone. I made hot pink and chocolate cupcakes and I decorated the kitchen. Everyone got to make a crown and the girls got to wear all of Elena's princess dresses. 

 They had so much fun and it was a crazy night. Fun too. 
On her actual birthday I made a little balloon waterfall on her door so when she opened it up....well you get the idea. 

 Then she got to open her presents from Grandma Connie.

Grandma had sent her a very special gift. It was a quilt made from the same fabric as my bridesmaids dresses. I admit. I cried. I was blown away and Elena was very happy.

Thank you Grandma!