Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March and April Randomness

Ivy is a strange cat. She acts like a dog sometimes. I can't stand her. Jesús and the kids love her. Oh well.

 I was putting in my contacts the other morning and Elena grabbed my glasses. She's a cutie even with glasses on.

 I've been practicing my flute. I want to get over getting nervous in Sacrament meeting but that means practice. Also I want to try out for Bens group that is coming to Dallas and I have a lot of work to do. 

 I like to sit on the porch while the kids play in the front yard. I love our neighborhood. 

 Roegan Cola had a birthday party at Cosmic Jump and we were able to make it after Patricks soccer game.

 Amber made a super cute army cake for Roegan. She's so dang talented!!! Teach me your ways oh wise one. 

 Oh and we had some plumbing problems. Boo. We noticed that the kids bathroom wall next to the toilet and behind the shower was soggy so we called our warranty company and they sent out a guy who said that he fixed it but of course he didn't. So when we noticed it was getting worse and a little mildewy we decided that nothing had been fixed. So when Jesús poked his finger into the wall, it crumbled. Turns out the tub drain was completely disconnected. So Jesús fixed that part but we noticed that there was still a stream of water shooting out of the main water line. So we called the plumber back and he had to completely redo the piping of the main water line. Jesús bought a panel to cover the hole so if we ever have more plumbing problems with that shower we have easy access. 

 Did I tell you our cat was strange?