Saturday, February 16, 2013


So I have been trying to get things organized and put away and I have had stuff on our hutch in the kitchen forever. Finally I got that stuff put away and I got it looking organized and decorated for Valentines.

 I wanted to make fun Valentines for the kids to take to school so we did the sucker Valentines. I didn't get a picture of Patricks before he left for school but here is the picture we used.

 Patrick had to make a mailbox for his valentines so we grabbed a shoe box to wrap up and set it on the table while we went to find the paper. When we came back we found a surprise. Ivy likes boxes I guess.

 Here is the picture we used for Elena's valentines an her final product

 Valentines morning I made red Velvet pancakes

Elena wanted to wear makeup to preschool so I put a tiny tiny bit on her. She felt so special.

 Jesús brought me home roses. Man I love him.

 He also brought home stuffed animals for the kids. They were so excited. If you can't tell.

 That night we offered to babysit the Meakin kids so their mom and dad could go out on a date and in return they offered to watch our kids another night. So we made pizza. Jesús found a new recipe for dough which is amazing and rises bigger than any other dough we have used. 

 For our date night, we attended a fancy dinner for Jesús and his colleagues. Jesús was up for an award so we wanted to go especially since we got to dress up. The dinner was spectacular and the dessert was divine. Unfortunately he didn't win but I know he's amazing so he won in my book.


Connie de said...

I'm sad I missed the pancakes... and all the rest. I'm sad I miss everything!!!!!

Connie de said...

You're the YW President and you're letting your 4 year old wear makeup.... Shame!