Monday, October 8, 2012

The Texas State Fair

So we were able to go the Texas State Fair. It was HUGE!! As the they say, "Everything is bigger in Texas" and they aren't lyin'! We had to have corn dogs which didn't taste as good as the Kern County fair ones. Sad.
 While Jesús was taking Elena through the baby animal tent, I took an angry Patrick outside to cool off and I watched a cowboy show how he ride a horse without reigns. It was very interesting.
 I loved all the pretty planters hanging around and the Texas star.

 Elena chowin down on a corn dog and enjoying he ride in the wagon

 A long horn Bull. They are everywhere.

 A much happier Patrick the pig

 I wanted to take a neat picture with all the kids with this nice set up but that just didn't work

 And Elena never looks at the camera so my kids were a bust too

The Morenos were good sports and all joined Big Tex for a photo as animals

We walked into this cool place with all this homemade stuff and they had all this bees in a beehive (I think) It was pretty neat to see.
 My baked potato which sounded so good to me and was really good and Jesús' turkey leg

 Tearin it up!

 We made it just in time so see a very cool parade

 Patrick wanted a picture with the statue of liberty

 And I wanted him to have a picture with Big Tex. We heard right before the fair closed, someone accidentally lit Big Tex on fire so he is no more. Sad day.

Elena enjoying her Texas Chocolate milk

 Baby Benjamin wondering what the heck is going on

 We found a cool hands on area as we left that let the kids milk a fake cow. Something Patrick had been wanting to do hence the anger from the beginning of the night. 

I'm excited to go back next year and see if they replace Big Tex and find the cinnamon rolls:)


Connie de said...

I read that they were going to make him bigger! And don't forget - we still have the KC Fair here...

Carla said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go to the Texas state fair!