Thursday, August 30, 2012

Elena is 4!!

My baby turned 4!!! It can't be! I'm going to hate this every year. I don't want her to get older. I love that she wants to snuggle in the morning and climb into bed with me and says "I want you Mommy!"
However I can't stop it and I'm glad she had a good day! We took her to Spring Creek for lunch since she loves everything there and she wanted to wear a crown all day. 

 That night for dinner we went to BJ's and she got a little birthday pazookie. Yum!

 When we got home she got to open a package from Grandma Connie.

 I love the excitement on her sweet little face as she opens each present

 We got her new cupcake earrings that she got to open on her birthday. The rest of her presents we saved for her friend and family birthday party with Patrick.


Connie de said...

It's almost like I was there. Boo Hoo!