Monday, June 27, 2011


My gardening is not very good this year. I want to have a large vegetable garden but I want to make above ground garden boxes. However I know that someday we will move and I don't want to have to start all over again. So someday, when we have our own house I will create my masterpiece garden. My cousin was telling me this weekend that he planted 10 pumpkin plants so his childrens friends could come over and pick their very own pumpkins for Halloween. How fun is that??!!! My Uncle Ron also has an awesome above ground garden. I strive to be like him. Don't tell him though.

So I have planted some flowers this year and they have finally started blooming. I get so excited when they do. The garden I created in the backyard isn't very appealing to the eye because I wasn't able to create the garden I pictured but once again, it the house we buy, I will go all out because I know I will have the time to create it slowly. However the flowers I planted are blooming.
My lilies are about to bloom
I have a few gardenias blooming but some of the bottom leaves have turned yellow, I'll need to research that
I cut back my hydrangea last year and it came back even bigger this year and I love the color
My Ranunculus bloomed but not for very long, I think they had too much sun. I will plant them again but they will need a bit more shade.
I love love love my big purple Dahlia. But the pigeons are knocking off my blossoms and sitting in the yellow violas that I have surrounding it. Stupid birds!!!!! I want to take a pellet gun in the back and shoot them.