Friday, March 18, 2011

They're leaving

I'm so sad that my brother and his family are moving out of Bakersfield. Cory got a job a few months ago working on an Indian Reservation as the CFO and we were so excited except for the fact that it meant that the Randalls were going to have to move to Porterville to be closer to the Reservation. Well they found a great place in Success Valley and Mom and I took the kids up to see the house yesterday and meet Stephanie and her mom and the kids.
We started our day getting ready for St. Patricks Day and putting on all our green gear. I even made sure that Patrick was wearing green undies. When Grandma opened the door we made her laugh.
We drove to Porterville and up towards Springville and to Success Valley. Here is the front view from Cory and Stephanie's house. It is so green and beautiful. I tell you, I was in heaven. It was the perfect setting.

Here is the back of their house. Isn't it gorgeous!!!! They will be so happy here. The owner has acres of olive trees and he harvests them to make money.

He has tons of fruit trees and he said that Cory and Stephanie could have as much as they want as soon as they are ready to pick. He couldn't even remember all of them there were too many.
There is a beautiful pond that he says he swims in when it gets hot and he takes his little boat out and fishes. There is also this little pond house and a deck to sit on.

There is a barn too that he keeps his horses in sometimes. It was so cool to walk around in and look at the stalls and horse stuff.

The boys loved pretending to drive the tractor.
The beautiful green hills and the blooming fruit trees
I found a lucky horseshoe on St Pattys day.
I wanted to get a picture of Elena all cute by the pond but she was begging to go play.
I tried a little photo editing in iPhoto for some of these pics. Sorry, it was just for fun.

If we sat really still we could watch the fish swim under the deck.
Easy access to go swimming.
Beautiful blooms
We were picking oranges like crazy. Hannah played by this tree forever.
More scenic photo editing.

Here is a view of the olive trees from their backyard.
Here's the view from their back patio.
And the backyard
Hannah playing with the stone table which gives the yard some character. Not that it needs it.
And a view of the frond of the house. Isn't it great??
I'm really going to miss having them so close but at least its not an island and they're only an hour away instead of a 6 hour plane ride. We love you guys and we are going to miss playing with you at Grandmas all the time.
Jesús is out of town for business so I thought it would be fun me and the kids to have a fun St Patricks day dinner. We bought Smiths green thumbprint cookies and green Kool-aid. I made gold mac and cheese and we ate green jello and green yogurt on green dishes and in green cups.
Happy St. Patricks Day!!!!


Connie de said...

They're all moved... Lots of great helpers - it made me cry.

StephanieBoots said...

Thanks to everyone that helped! WE love you (10 times!) Thanks for posting Alison... my camera is still under the weather.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Anytime. Your house is now my favorite place to go.

Carla said...


I love them and am sad to see them go. I feel like I was barely getting to know Stephanie. Maybe she'll let us all come to her house for girl's night once in a while.

Connie de said...

Did you know you did 113 blog posts in 2009?

Servicii Contabilitate said...

I suppose that you lived beautiful days with them, such a bad thing that great moments are not forever.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I did not know that, why do you know that?

Connie de said...

78 posts in 2010