Monday, August 30, 2010

Before the day is done

I need to tell you about this sweetheart.
Today my baby is two years old. Today 2 years ago she came into this world and was immediately showered with love. My arms ached to hold her and I couldn't wait until the next chance I was able to go see her in the NICU. Today she is still showered with love and my arms ache to hold her whenever I'm not with her. She made that day bearable. Even though I had lost so much, I had gained even more. This beautiful daughter. And she's mine forever.

Some special things about her are:
She is good little mommy to her baby dolls.
She loves to cuddle.
She does this funny thing and grabs your face and talks to you very seriously about 2 inches away.
She loves animals but is kind of afraid of them at the same time.
She loves to do exactly what her big brother does.
She loves to sing songs and then applaud herself when she is done and say "hooray"
She can say a ton of words but sometimes she is hard to understand by other people but that doesn't matter because I understand her.
She loves to dance to Beyonce.
She loves to get dirty in mud and dirt but then loves to play in the bath to get clean again.
She doesn't eat very much but she will try a bunch of different foods.
She loves to look at bugs and when she knows they are dead she will be sure to say "he's dead"
When she gets her dress on Sunday mornings for church, she has to go show Daddy how pretty she is.
She is still taking one nap a day which is very nice since her brother has sworn off napping.
She is a wonderful sleeper and almost always will go down immediately even without rocking with Mommy.
Sometimes Mommy rocks her anyway.
She makes the best fake sad face, you can't help but laugh but then tickle her to make her smile again.
She has the best laugh when she is being tickled.
She likes to tell people "Bye" even strangers.
She brings so much joy to my life that I can't imagine my life without her.


Carla said...

It makes me kind of sad that she's already two, Alison. I hate how kids grow up so fast. Makes me want to force mine into snuggling.

So glad that you're both healthy and well despite your crazy birth ordeal. Thanks for being such a good, funny, dependable, pretty (cause you know that's important, haha) friend!

PS- I really hope you SPOILED her ROTTEN on her big day.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thank you Carla. You made me cry. You're such a good friend. And yes we spoiled her like crazy!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing your sweet little girl is! Thanks for sharing. She is a doll and I hope her birthday was wonderful.
Aunt Janae :-)