Friday, April 23, 2010

Our theft drama

So I should probably post that two days ago we were robbed. I went out to the car to take Jesús to work and saw glass on the ground and looked up to see someone had smashed in our car window. They stole my ipod touch, a bag of winter scarves, Patricks little back packs, a firewood holder and wicker basket I bought at good will, and worst of all my flute. I have played the flute since 4th grade and I got a really nice one when I started taking private lessons. I dont play it very much but I will once in a while perform for a family holiday gathering or when I am asked to play at church. It is something I love and treasure and it truly broke my heart to discover it was gone. Earlier I had been at my Moms practicing for the Stake Relief Society talent show that I had signed up for just for fun. I left the flute in my car when we got home because I had brought home a ton of music and with carrying the kids and all their junk, I just didnt have enough arms. I had planned on going back out later to get it but I forgot. I kept thinking several times during the day, "What if it gets stolen? Go get it" Well I never did and its gone. The neighbor across the street also got his car stolen. The next morning an officer showed up at the door and asked if we were the ones that had been burglarized and I said yes and he told me they had caught the guys and found the car and some of the stuff. The only things we got back were Patricks back packs and some papers they stole from the glove compartment and our old check book which I didnt even know was in there. I still have not heard anything about the flute and I am praying they find it. At least they found them and our neighbor got his car back.


Johnsons Away said...

I really hope they find your flute. Do you want to borrow mine for the talent show? I'm not sure what condition it's in but you're more then welcome to use it.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thats ok it was last weekend. How are you feeling?