Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our water drama

So when Jesús and David started digging in our front yard to find the broken part of the water main, they discovered that the whole thing had to be replaced. Holes started springing up all the way to the house. Luckily we had Marc Hansen, his brother, and his dad there fixing some of Old House's problems. They helped dig the hole, cut through the brick on the house to get to the pipes, tear out the old pipes, get new ones and replace the whole thing. Unfortunately this all happened last Saturday when it was raining and very cold. I felt so bad. Roby Hunt showed up later to help as well as he was on his way back from the temple. I couldnt believe we had all those guys working on the house in the cold and the dark. I made cookies for them but it didnt seem like enough. I didnt get to thank them all, so THANK YOU!!!!!! We were so grateful we could shower the next morning for church. One thing that I discovered came in handy was our water storage. We didnt have water for a few hours and I needed to wash hands and make dinner which was difficult without water. I was able to use our water storage when we needed it and I'm so glad we had it. It just shows you, you never know when disaster will strike!


Tenille Gates said...

The Hansens are great people..i cant tell you how many times they have helped me out. Awesome family :0) Im glad you got the problem fixed! Its funny the stuff we dont seem to appreciate until we dont have showers! ;0) I miss uguys and hope all is well with the Moreno fam ♥