Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We got invited to go to the lake with the Cola family! Tons of fun!
Boys and the boat

Elena spent a lot of time trying to eat grass

And loved every minute of it

Amber and I chillin while the big boys and little girls were tubing

Jesús and Reese tubing

The little boys had a great time playing in the water, we had to keep telling Patrick to stay close. I was so afraid he would lose his footing and go under water.

Daddy helping Elena walk in the grass

Elena didnt want to put her knees on the grass so this is what she came up with


Me and the hunny (I didnt see Reese until right before I put the picture on here)

We forgot to bring a water diaper for Patrick so instead he wore a regular one and it got so big his pants wouldnt stay up and he could barely walk. Funny.