Monday, March 2, 2009

Lets go to the Zoo!

On Thursday, Jesus and I decided that we wanted to take the kids to the LA Zoo. We figured it would be fun for Patrick to be outside for a long period of time and to see all the animals. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.

This seal just kept swimming in circles upside down.
Going into the park
Elena enjoying her ride in the stroller
They had this little glass area with these little cute monkeys
This porcupine was huge!!
At each animal, Patrick would yell "Hi!!! Im Patrick!!!"
This exhibit was closed but they could still stick their heads in the holes
This lady was holding a small boa constrictor, Patrick wanted to see it but he would not touch it
The Meer Kats were really cute and just standing on this rock
The flamingos were gorgeous colors, I always thought that they were just that pale pink but some were this amazing bright orange
We had maybe been walking 20 minutes and Patrick was done walking and wanted to be carried, so he got the stroller and I carried Elena.
This Alligator was huge!!
The Kangaroos were pretty boring, but Patrick liked them. As he rode around in the stroller he would get out at each exhibit then jump back in when he was done looking. We were his very own taxi.
This bird was just crazy looking, it looked pre-historic to me

The Gorillas were cool to see. There was a Mom and a baby. The mom wasnt facing the crowd but the baby was just running back and forth, finally it ran up and just jumped on its moms back. There was a male sleeping on the other side and Patrick yelled "Wake Up!!!!!!"
Im pretty sure the Zebra laying down was dead
Elena couldnt have been happier being carried around by me.

Patrick and Jesus looking at the Elephant
Elena wanted to take some pictures
Watching the Elephant

There was a baby giraffe and as soon as we walked up to it, this big dark giraffe came up and stared at me. Creepy....

We stopped to have lunch for the small price of $23.00!!!! for two burgers and a hot dot!!

The Monkeys just sat on this rock staring at us
I love turtles so I had to get pictures
Lemur tails, "You got to move it move it"
The tiger kept going to the water surrounding its habitat. It looked like it wanted to swim across and eat us.
Happy boys
The hippo was boring but if you ask Patrick what he saw at the zoo he will say " A Hippo!! With a giant baseball!!"
The Leopard was beautiful
This monkey was carrying leaves up the fence in its mouth
The condor had its wings spread out all the way for a long time, it was really cool.
Elena finally crashed
How cute is he?
It was a fun time and I hope we can go back someday when the kids will actually remember it.


R. Hansen said...

So fun!! It looks like you guys had a great time.

PixiesAndPrincesses said...

Ok! I have never been to the LA zoo, but you guys make it look like so much fun, now we HAVE to go!!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Do it, its an easy drive and if you get there early you can get through the whole place and be home before dark! It was fun, but bring your own food, there is a place for the kids to play and eat back by the Rhino and Hippo.

The Fergy Bunch said...

We love the LA Zoo and are going at the end of the month! What a fun day you all had!