Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have just recently become more busy than I ever thought possible. This is not a bad thing, its just something that I am going to have become accustomed to. I was called as the new Visiting Teaching Coordinator for our ward. I bow to Carla, who I'm sure is relinquishing this calling with great joy. I never knew how much it involved and I am now non-stop housewife and mother. Patrick is now going to pre-pre-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that just adds to things I have to do, but it is nice to have him out of the house for those 3 hours each time and I am able to get more done while he is gone.
I am really hoping that after March, which is our VT Conference, things will slow down a bit. I am however greatful for this calling because I am able to get to know the women in our ward when before I didnt make much of an effort. I have also been sewing quite a bit. My friends seem to keep having babies, STOP IT!! But I have enjoyed making their gifts instead of buying them, so that adds more to do.
So add all that to my duties at home and with taking care of my children and husband, I have a lot to do. So, there you have it. My life.


Carla said...

When Cory came over to release me, I almost started dancing! I'm not thrilled with my new calling (cause I'm a chicken) but so relieved to not have yours any more! (It was a great calling, but it is A LOT of work!) I know you'll do a way better job with it than me too. Can't wait until VTing conference.

Papa Randy said...

Congrats on the new calling. Serving in the church is a blessing and you'll do a great job. Kids are adorable.