Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo catchup

I need to play a little catch up with my photos. I have taken quite a few but I couldnt find my camera charger so here they are in all their glory.

Elena got her ears pierced in Utah after we had our family pictures taken. I had everyone there for moral support because I cried more than she did. I was such a baby.
Here she is just being dang cute but she is always so happy and excited.
Sara finished her internship at the hospital in St. George and now she is home for awhile until she passes her test to work in a lab. Its great to have her home again. And yes we are hanging out in the bathroom.
He is the epitome of fashion, you will definitely see this on the runways next season.
Elena started on cereal this month, I cant handle it. I know I could wait until 6 months but I dont want to hold her back because I'm sentimental.

A big boy and his bed. When we got home from Utah and Patrick got up the next morning and climbed out of his crib and came out and said "I'm awake" so we decided it was time for a big boy bed so he didnt crack his head open climbing out of the crib. He only had two bad nights. One night he cried and came to get me but went right back to bed. The next bad night, Jesus got up for a glass of water and heard snoring coming from the front room. Patrick had wandered out into the front room and fallen asleep on the floor. That same morning Jesus got up and found Patrick asleep on the floor in our room by our closet. I even checked on Elena 5 minutes before and didnt even see him there. We have told him that he needs to wait until we are up before he comes out of his room and now he wont even get out of bed until we get him.
Patrick likes to join Elena on the floor from time to time.
Elena has gotten so big. She can now roll from her tummy to her back and from her back onto her side. One more month and she will be rolling everywhere. She talks all the time. I wish we knew what she was saying. She is sleeping a lot better since she started eating cereal which is great. We are going to move her into the other room as soon as we get her a crib mattress. It will be difficult for me to have her so far away but I need to let her grow up. Every time I look at her I think she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. She is a mama's girl but loves any attention anyone gives her. Everything is going way to fast.


Papa Randy said...

Nice ear rings and a beautiful family. They sure are growing up fast. What can I say more?

Carla said...

She IS the most beautiful baby ever!

Johnsons Away said...

SHe is so beautiful, there is no doubt about that :) That's really great that Patrick doesn't get out until you come get him, and only two bad nights, that is really great.
Your kids are just too cute and sweet, I know it goes by too fast, but enjoy every minute :)

The Potter Pack said...

Hey girly ... it's been awhile ... love and miss you ! and that adorable daughter of yours !! SOOOO CUTE !!! Love the earrings !! I always knew when I had a girl ... she would get them as a babe ... Zoie was 3.5 months old and she barely cried ... and I didn't ... but it was fine. Love the pics and the garbage man story.