Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ok, Its Time!!

Yes, we did have Thanksgiving this year, I have just been lazy and havent posted anything yet. But we had a great Thanksgiving. My Mom decided that she wanted to fly her parents here from Provo so we got to have our Grandparents here. Ben and Janae also were able to come so we had the whole family here for a big Thanksgiving dinner. It turned out great, even though mom did threaten to order all the food from Marie Calendars, but we all pitched in and and it was spectacular. Here are some great photos from our wonderful week.

Here are some pictures we took while Papa was washing his new bike he won on Ebay
The boys loved helping

I actually dont know who took this picture. We were laughing at funny videos.

We got Patrick the cutest santa hat

Patrick was getting some love from Caleb as they were riding on Grandpas walker

Isn't my Grandpa the coolest. He has Parkinsons and still knows how to rock it!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Stinkin Cute!

Ok so I got this picture from Sarfer and I just had to show everyone just how precious it is. This is when Sar came in 3 days after Patrick was born. Enjoy!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For the Heck!

Ok, so this blog is just for the heck of it. Nothing is really going on and there are no big events happening now. I just have some great pictures of Patrick that you should see. When you have a kid as cute as ours, you cant help but constantly take pictures. You have to admit it that these pictures are priceless. And you know, I am done buying Patrick expensive presents because he always plays with things we already have like tupperware lids and cardboard boxes. Well here are few pictures of Patrick playing with a box, trying to eat with a spoon (yuck), and wearing my hat. So enjoy.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

So for Halloween, once again, I put it off until last minute. I really wanted Patrick to be a pirate this year, so I was going to make his costume. I ended up just buying black sweat pants and white socks and a white long sleeve onesie which was the easy part. Then I went (Tuesday night blahh) and bought fabric for a vest and sash. So Wednesday afternoon I sat and made a vest and sash for his awesome costume. It wasnt very good but I am very proud since I am not a seamstress. I sewed the vest together and everything. So here are the great pictures from Halloween!This is from when I had him try it on to see if it fit. I love his smile!

Here he is with all of his makeup on. Dad went a little crazy with it.

Here he is running to Papa. He loves his Papa.

Friday, November 2, 2007

For Sar