Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Patricks new adventures

Welcome all to my new blog. I got the idea for this from the clever Mrs. Tenille Gates. Thanks! I just wanted everyone to know the adventures that we having. I posted some of this in my blog on my myspace page but I felt I should cover more. Patrick is getting so big but he is still pretty small. The last doctors visit he weighed in to close to 16 lbs but now Im sure he's at least 16 lbs. He turned 8 months old this last Saturday and he has his first tooth which has made breast feeding a little bit more difficult but after I get past the pain of his little snaggle tooth its still an amazing experience. Patrick finally met the famous Mickey Mouse, Pluto, and Goofy. Despite the rain and my fear of driving in it, we made it there safely and had a wonderful time the Cory and Stephanie and Mom and Ben and Janea met us there. We got to ride one ride with the kids, the astounding Its a Small World After All. Cory and Stephanie got to ride the new and improved Space Mountain while we watched Caleb and then as soon as they got off, we got on and we didnt even have to wait in line. And thanks to mom, she and Cory watched the babies at the hotel while Stephanie, Jesus and I went back into the park and rode all the rides we possibly could and as we ran from ride to ride we saw the beautiful fireworks show. It was an amazing time and maybe we will do it again when Patrick is old enough to remember something. Patrick is also scooting everywhere doing his little army crawl with one leg and one arm. But he is getting so close to crawling. He can pull himself up on his hands and knees and he rocks back and forth like he is building up momentum before he shoots off to explore the world, but then he loses his nerve and falls back on his tummy and scoots off to suck on some shoes. He is amazing to watch though as he entertains himself and finds something like a tuperware lid facinating. We are planning on a special trip up to Utah in June to visit Jesus's Mom and Dad who have not had the chance to meet Patrick yet so this is going to be really exciting. I am anticipating hanging out with Sister Sara and having a little shopping extravaganza and then introducing Patrick to the fam in Utah like his Great Grandma and Grandpa. We love all our family friends and we are excited to keep you all updated.


Tenille Gates said...

Im glad you are blogging now too!..now matt and i can see whats goin' on with you and your cute little family :0) Cute pics by the way..hes getting so BIG! i hope all is well with youguys!