Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We went to our ward Halloween party on the Friday before Halloween and I took the camera but forgot to take any pictures. Luckily David and Jimmy had a little photo shoot area set up. I wanted pictures of the kids in their costumes but they were soooo tired that I gave up after Elena.
We did a family photo shoot, of course both children are looking at the light. Except Patrick looks like he's going to be beamed up.
I did get pictures of the kids when we got home. They were dead tired. Patrick is kind of creepy when he puts his mask on. He stops talking and runs or walks around all quiet.
Then on Saturday my brother Ben and his lovely wife Janae came to town so we went to my Mom and Dads to carve pumpkins and get ready for the Monica Ward party. Jesús later told me that Patrick somehow managed to bend all the pumpkin carving knives.
This was Daddy and Patricks pumpkin
And this is the one I carved later after the party.
Elena isn't allowed to touch sharp objects so she got to watch.
Then we headed to the party which was sooo much fun.
Good and bad spiderman
Jesús was tired of pictures.
Patrick won a Squeeze it and was so happy about it.
Elena really enjoyed the food.
Patrick was nervous about trick or treating inside because the lights were off.
Elena really wanted some candy
And I actually got a picture of Ben smiling.
And crusty Randy with his mullet.
And I actually got a picture of Brandon Holladay with his Angel wings. Awesome.
After the party we went to Grandmas to find a scary movie to watch and Patrick and Elena danced for us.
Since Sunday was actually Halloween, we decided to keep the Sabbath day holy and just go for a walk out side. I think Hannah was in Grandmas t-shirt because she was starting the potty training process.
the kids love flashlights so we gave them each one while we walked around the block and Grandma made scary sounds.
Then the girls needed to play in Grandpas truck. They needed to.
And that is the end of our very long Halloween weekend.