Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our 8 Month old

Yes, thats right 8 months. I cant believe it. Here are some things about our little Elena.
She is scooting all over the floor and she is crazy fast!
She can wave bye bye
She loves to eat and wants to try whatever we are eating
She is not sleeping through the night but only gets up once or twice
She can find any tiny little thing on the carpet that either I or the vacuum did not catch
She loves her big brother and watches everything that he does
She loves her daddy and he can always make her laugh
She loves her mommy and snuggles more with me than with anyone and I dont hate it
Her favorite food is everything
She has not attached herself to a blanket or stuffed animal even though I have tried really hard to get her to
She will not take pacifiers even though I bought every kind there is
She does not like bottles and just chews on them
Her laugh is hilarious, I call it her courtesy laugh because it sounds fake as if she were doing out of courtesy

Thats Elena in a nut shell!! And we love her and cant wait to see whats next!


PixiesAndPrincesses said...

She is so beautiful! It is so hard to believe it has been 8 months! Christian turned 8 months yesterday, it is so sad! He will be one soon! Sigh... They grow up so fast! I can certainly relate with some of those things she does, especially the one about the carpet, yeah Christian can find a piece of dust to munch on! LOL!

Johnsons Away said...

She is just too cute. I can't believe how big she has gotten.

Connie de said...

Could you do more videos...